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The guests 

No more traveling in the kitchen

piece of furniture 

Impressive for the dining area

in the morning 

Holding hands by the bed dream

in the children's room

Do not pour water everywhere

Sabbath pleassure

Rest no need to get up to the sink anymore


Taking for a blessing


In the joys of separation men and women

It's really not a luxury, it's a necessity!

כיור נייד
כיור נייד

Mobile sink on wheels

An amazing corner for holding hands 

On wheels is enough for 50 people.  

Each intake is half a liter.

כיור נייד לסוכות
כיור נייד
כיור נייד
כיור לסוכות
הפטנט הכי גדול של הכיורים הניידים

How to choose the most suitable portable sink 

Installation systemGod"Wireless" is undoubtedly the main element in the patent of a portable sink.

But not only the patent, these special designs come to provide an accurate answer to the growing need for portable sinks, not everywhere a position is provided for takingHands especially if we didn't plan it in advance.

Usually there is also a plan to buildposition for taking Hands does not exactly serve our purposes especially for disabled or elderly people, the portable sink is a real necessity that cannot be replaced.

The portable sink saves me theA lot of money.

Many times we hear our customers thanking us for saving them a lot of money and heartache from finding a suitable cabinet and a sink to bring in a repairman and a plumber. In some houses, an interior designer is also required,Time, dirt and dust and large financial expenses in short a mess at home and a very big headache, sometimes there is also no access to water and drainage to build or add a sink to the house is not a simple story at all our portable sink provides exactly the exact answer to all those who are in a dilemma.

 Without a doubt the design is ultimately an integral part

  and a very important consideration, that's why we chose the greatest designers in Israel to provide a variety of sinks, faucets and cabinets that will fit anywhere, for example: portable sinks for hotels, portable sinks for restaurants, portable sinks for nursing homes, portable sinks for synagogues, portable sinks for Barkat Kohanim portable sinks for offices, portable sinks for events, whether it is the simple or the expensive models, this is always the ideal solution for a designed corner for washing hands or washing hands, 

What is the number of people for whom the portable sink lifter is intended?

It is worth checking how many people the amount of water in the truck is intended for and also take into account the number of guests we invite.

It is not limited, the mobile sink can be emptied and filled again and again for countless uses, but it is between 30 and 50 people for an amount of 25 liters in one activity  approximately:

Also, if there is a larger quantity in banquet halls or large dining rooms, order a larger quantity 4 or 8  portable sinks in order to allow all the people at the same  the time to enjoy laying hands close to the table No need to wait a long time and join the meal immediately.


During the holidays, the portable sink is one of the nicest gifts

 Our customers get to really surprise their loved ones and make them happy with a truly useful gift of great and significant spiritual value, a gift for parents, a gift for a rabbi or a gift for your husband or yourself.

A portable sink for Sukkot is the flagship product!!!

A portable sink for sukkah is like saying a silver lamp for Hanukkah, there is no one who does not have to stay in the sukkah the entire holiday and not go out at all, the portable sink allows anyone to enjoy all seven days in the sukkah and enjoy   the portable sink as befits the son of a king and have the right to enjoy more spiritual and physical.

in homes where there are childrensmall 

Happily, the children are the ones who operate the portable sink. We invested great efforts with the greatest experts in product design in Israel, and it is a great satisfaction to really see how the children are the ones who volunteer to operate the portable sink.

A user experience that makes you want to play again and again 

The nostalgic pump and its way of working is a kind of special experience with joy. We really mean it especially for the children, the large wheels allow you to easily push the mobile sink anywhere. A removable tube from the tank to fill water easily from any faucet. A removable water tube to empty into any toilet, bath, hole Drainage, garden, etc. There is no need to take out or pick up and in general to make an effort to jointly operate the portable sink.

All models of the mobile sinks include a luxurious ceramic sink at different price levels.

Nostalgic pump large sink with suction power 

Silicone wheels, two of them with stops and two containers of 25 liters each, an interior and exterior sandwich cabinet against water and a light slamming door with a lock so that the children do not play with the portable sink and open the water faucet.

  The suction power of the portable sink provides 350 cc of water with each press and a can of Coke

and allows you to enjoy a full mantela with 2-3 presses for 2-3 seconds.

(Comparison with a common tap, this averages 8-14 seconds depending on the flow and the size of the load.)


There is no doubt that the portable sink is today an innovative breakthrough, a new standard for the experience of washing hands and the joy of fulfilling the mitzvah, whether before a meal, or after the last water, taking it next to the bed in the morning, suitable for all ages and adding beauty to any placeComfortably  the best without compromise

It should be noted that we made an effort to lower the price to suit every pocket   and of course the possibility of paymentscomfortable

s a l e!!  The new model mobile sink!

Model: Desert

1,800 NIS, transport 150  Instead of NIS 3,400

כיור נייד נטלנועית

luxury models
Portable sink 

כיור נייד גדול


Mobile washing up to you...

In the last decade, the corner of the sink used for washing hands has become a fashion statement that includes: a designed sink with an original and interesting shape, an integrated faucet, luxurious ceramics, wall coverings, glass designs and more.

As of today, there is no need to spend large sums of money on a plumber designer and renovator, a suitable sink and faucet, and a cabinet that occupies a permanent place in the house.


Portable sink on wheels with   a revolutionary patent of an independent water and drainage system, fits anywhere, very convenient to use with an impressive and respectable appearance.

Emptying the water for all toilets in the house by a removable pipe with a quality tap. 

Filling water by a removable tube and a silicone funnel attached to each faucet

Two strong and waterproof 25 liter tanks with lock and key 

High-quality waterproof sandwich wood in a split oak design with a removable towel holder

Impressive and high-quality sand import large sink in a variety of designs, extra large 40 centimeters in diameter

עמדת שטיפת ידיים ניידות
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