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It's time to worry 

For your back!


Reduce pressures Stander prepares for sitting, lying down and standing while studying. Study in comfort with an ideal fit for the neck and head.

Smart aluminum arm with 3 joints Adjustable stand works on an easily adjustable gas piston, mounted on a personal library with all the books you study, adjustable stand without having to stand up, built on wheels A durable sofa and also in a bed with an impressive and luxurious design.


This is how your next stander prepares should be. 

We believe that studying with proper sitting is necessary for maintaining the vitality of the body and mind.

  סטנדר מתכוונן
סטנדר עומד

A smart aluminum arm with 3 joints works on an easily adjustable gas piston
5 movements: raising and lowering, page rotation, folding, rotation   and tilting

StanderWith the patent?

סטנדר מרחף

Stander prepares for a million situations...

The floating stander helps your body stay in its natural state.

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 "The hover stand makes me learn more"


The main idea is actually to learn more without interruptions, true there is no such thing these days, but to significantly improve the learning experience from end to end is definitely the task we put a candle to our feet and we did not compromise on any issue until we arrived at the above models.

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