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סטנדר מפואר לכבוד שבת

The standard with the patent...
Everyone dreams of it!


The most functional stand in the world! 
You won't want to stop learning it's not a password!!!

סטנדר מתכונן לכל מצב

The stand with the most talked about patent in the ultra-Orthodox world of a high standard, with an emphasis on an artistic design  breathtaking that beautifies the home. adjustable in endless positions by a smart aluminum arm with 3 joints that works on an easily adjustable gas piston, built-in with a personal library that contains all the books you study, without the need to get up, built-in on wheels,   portable For every place a Shabbat table, an armchair, a standing sofa and also in a bed with an impressive and luxurious design.
From today, the joy and the desire to learn and learn will return to you...

An innovative stand that helps you learn  and concentrate more without getting tired...perfectly adapted to the neck and body.

סטנדר לא מהעולם

at every possible angle

Even in an armchair at any possible angle, whether lying in bed or on the sofa in the dining area, floating above the table without disturbing the dishes, the books do not get dirtier than the food and there is no need to get up every time to get another book. To sit down and aim for my best angle, to relax my muscles and turn my attention to studying the Torah, there is something experiential about it that is difficult to explain in words.

Shabbat pleasure 

The book hovers over the table. Easily and flexibly adjustable for optimal reading height. You don't need to empty the dishes and worry about stains and vinegar. The Royal Library is close to you on safe and strong wheels. The books you like to study in next to you, you don't have to move. A real pleasure for a king's son, this is the experience we wanted to give you.

סטנדר יוקרה לאנשים חשובים

The hovering stand is actually a multi-function attached stand with an upper service shelf that is very busy on Shabbat.

Standard and mini library 

סטנדר חללית מעולםמ אחר
סטנדר מתנה לבעל דתי
סטנדר בשכיבה

A beautiful stander,   a royal stander, a stander that honors the son of a king.

Basically every book in the stand and we still use it sits on the top shelf, the idea did not come about in this case after dozens of attempts and different shapes that were tested before we arrived at the aforementioned stand model.

Stander with zero

without the evil eye 

It may sound pretentious to say, but we still haven't found any shortcomings even after two years that the product has been on the market with "zero faults" (no evil eye, etc.) but really it's perfect the three-jointed arm moves by touching, goes up and down, strong lifting capacity  up to 8 Kilo in the air with the arm fully open forward.

שטנדר עם ספריה ניידת
לרחף עם סטנדר מרחף

Stander from upper worlds.

We don't notice, maybe the adults among us are more alert to the issue, but the effort that seems small to us makes us tired and the brain interprets it as if I don't feel like studying, both for me personally and from customers who tell me and rabbis I hear something miraculous that says: "I don't understand it but the standard The hover makes me want to learn more"

To want to learn more, I think this is the thing that makes me the happiest to hear, because really the main thing is the desire, and I personally am also happy every time to sit down and direct the stander at my best angle, relax the muscles and turn my attention to studying the Torah, there is something about this that I experienced that is difficult to explain in words .

סטנדר לאנשים מוגבלים


Compromise everything in life, not the quality of your stand...

Some things have no price.


We love the stand we do, and get excited every time a customer tells us how much his quality of life has improved as a result of using our products.

A stander that says it all

סטנדר נפתח לכל מצב


A stander gift to the rabbi to the Rebbe andFor those who really love.

סטנדר לבית
סטנדר יוקרה לאבא
סטנדר לכל הבית
סטנדר לכורסה
סטנדר למיטה
סטנדר למיטה
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